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High Flux Neutron Generator
Pursuing research and innovation in neutron interaction studies, medical isotopes, nuclear data, geochronology and accelerator/plasma physics. Find out more on the HFNG website.

Developing microwave cavities to search for dark matter as part of the HAYSTAC collaboration. Find out more on the Berkeley HAYSTAC website.

Data Evaluation for Applied Nuclear Science
Performing nuclear physics evaluation, compilation, and experimentation in order to provide the fundamental nuclear data needed for nuclear energy systems, medical isotope production, and national security/counter-proliferation. DEANS is part of the US Nuclear Data Program.


About the PANDA group

The PANDA group, led by Karl van Bibber and Lee Bernstein is an applied nuclear science group that conducts experiments and data evaluation for basic science and applications in nuclear engineering, geochronology, medicine and national security.  Primary facilities for our experimental work are the High Flux Neutron Generator (HFNG) for experiments with 2.5 MeV neutrons, and the 88″ Cyclotron at LBNL.  We develop improved plasma beam-based neutron sources, and participate in accelerator science and technology research at LBNL and SLAC.  A major activity of the group is the HAYSTAC microwave cavity dark matter axion search sited at Yale, for which Berkeley provides innovative microwave resonators